The Church of Lost Angels

The Church of Lost Angels was founded by Reverend Ezekiah Grimme after the great quake of '68. He lead a handful of survivors out of the wreckage caused by the Earthquake, and found himself on the single best piece of land left in California. He promptly built a city and founded a church, with a series of somewhat byzantine and complex religious laws that were harshly enforced by his followers, the Guardian Angels.

It would have been hard for the Church to attract followers, but Revernd Grimme had an ace up his sleeve. Every Sunday, after morning mass, he provides an enormous feast, completely free of charge, to all of his followers. Food being so scarce in the Maze, this generosity makes Reverend Grimme seem to be the right hand of God himself. They'd do anything for him, give him their moeny, build him a city, kill his enemies.

In 1877, Father Grimme dissolved the civil government of Lost Angels, and officially took over the city; making the Church the official government. He also claimed control of all of California, turning the young Commonwealth of California into a theocracy, but this edict is ignored by those outside of the city unless some of Grimme's followers are nearby and better armed.

The center of the church is the Cathedral at the dead center of Lost Angels, where Grimme preaches his sermons and serves his feasts. It's one of the most luxurious, well built buildings on the west coast; only rivaled the mansion that Grimme for himself built using contributions from his followers.

The Church of Lost Angels

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