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  • The Flood, Part Three

    December 16th, 1879

    The town of progress was infamous for being a municipality built and run by New Scientists. They also made the best boats in the Maze. It was a logical spot to visit, being only five miles from Lost Angels.

  • Progress

    Progress is a small town located just five miles north of Lost Angels. It's famed for being a gathering point for New Scientists, eager to study and exploit the vast quantities of Ghost Rock in the region.

    Following the attack by the Guardian

  • Captain Wilhelm van Schultz

    A former member of the Imperial German Navy, Captain Wilhelm van Schultz is a mercenary working in the Maze. Also formerly the head of security for the town of Progress, the overrunning of that town has put an end to that career as well. Now he serves

  • Doctor Alpha Copperstone

    Dr Alpha Copperstone is a scientist from Progress. A specialist in ballistics and armor, she's taken to traveling with the posse after being rescued from the Church of Lost Angels. Given their attempt to burn her at the stake, she's got an axe