Tag: New Science


  • Progress

    Progress is a small town located just five miles north of Lost Angels. It's famed for being a gathering point for New Scientists, eager to study and exploit the vast quantities of Ghost Rock in the region.

    Following the attack by the Guardian

  • Ghost Rock Bomb

    A potent new weapon, Dr Hellstromme used the Ghost Rock bomb to bring about a decisive end to the Battle of Lost Angels. The horrific weapon creates massive, skull shaped explosions and a potent incendiaryeffect over a wide radius. The three bombs

  • William Church

    The son of Jeremiah Church, William Church is a scientist of some fame in the town of Progress. He's since fled the attention of the Church of Lost Angels, heading to a secret lab somewhere in the north of the Maze.

  • Doctor Alpha Copperstone

    Dr Alpha Copperstone is a scientist from Progress. A specialist in ballistics and armor, she's taken to traveling with the posse after being rescued from the Church of Lost Angels. Given their attempt to burn her at the stake, she's got an axe

  • Smith and Robards

    Smith and Robards is THE source for New Science inventions. One of the primary competitors to Hellstrome, S&R has developed a wide variety of small and large devices, ranging from firearms to trains, that make innovative