Deadlands: The Flood

First Session: Coffin Rock, Part One

The Most Depressing Town in the West

Last time, in the Deadlands

A group of strangers on a train heading West out of Denver had the good fortune to make each other’s acquaintance when the train had to make an unscheduled stop in Coffin Rock due to damage to the rails.

The conductor asked them to find a hotel room, and pick him up a bottle of whiskey. They soon found that the town was one of the most abandoned and depressing places they had ever visited. The streets were clear, the hotel owner was suicidally depressed and the permanent occupant of the saloon was the mayor, drinking himself into a grave. The only person who truly acknowledged their presence was Marshal Bryce and his deputies, who provided a couple of veiled threats.

Later, after taking care of their tasks and helping the conductor hire some unemployed local miners to assist with the repairs, a showgirl named Lizzie Pierce asked the posse to help her retrieve a pendant from her mother. She fled from the Jewel Theatre when the owner and the other girls turned dark, planning to rob and murder patrons.

The group headed on over to the theater, and retrieved the pendant thanks to some fast talking and some fast thinking. Unfortunately, Jeremiah was drugged unconscious, robbed, stripped and dumped in the cemetery.

Vowing vengeance, Jeremiah retrieved his rifle, but was persuaded by the others to use legal means, so they went to the Marshal’s office (meanwhile, Doc McGee went to check out the library, but found that the name of the building was very, very misleading). The Marshal wasn’t in, but his deputy was, and he was counting Jeremiah’s money, having been bribed by Belle at the Jewel. When the posse heard Lizzie being beaten up in the cells, they took to violence.

With a flick of her wrist, Bonnie threw a card to disarm the deputy that ended up stopping his heart with a burst of arcane energy. The two deputies in the back tried to stop the group, but a blast from Garret’s rifle took off one of their heads, and the other man threw down his gun after some absolutely horrible shooting.

Rescuing Lizzie (and retrieving Jeremiah’s gun), she revealed that the Marshal had arrested her shortly after the group had left, that he had gone almost completely around the bend, and had been insanely paranoid about how she’d been talking to outsiders. He wanted to know why she was sending people to mess with the Jewel Theatre.

Garret made the decision that Lizzie was going to go with them on the train as soon as the tracks were repaired, and the group went back to the hotel to hole up for the night.



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